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Industrial Charecteristics

*Increase power,high rated power;(1w/1.5w,2w/3w/4w)

*Ultra-low resistance,high precision;(0.1m~200m)

 *The low temperature coefficient(+15~50/ppm%) 

*High heat dissipation performance,in line with RoHS specifications;

Scope Of Application

High Power Supply Industrial Control Inverter Medical Devices


SMD makes the structure
Excellent solderability termination
Tolerance accuracy:5%
Advanced metal film technology
Lead(Pb)-Free RoHS compatible.
The pure tin-nickel barrier terminates.
Humidity of a multi-layer coating
Forced steel cap,coated with nickel-tin plating.
5% is tolerance +3code,+1% or less is 4 yards.
Lead(Pb) is compatible with lead-free soldering processes.


Military Car
Telecommunications(communication equipment)
Medical equipment(Medical device)
Avionics(Aviation Instrument Space)(Other)

Resistor Capacitor Diode Transistor Inductor IC
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